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Craig - Pink Bins

We have been dealing with Ryan and Kathy from The Zoo since 2014. Our Company’s brand exposure has been increased ten fold since this time due to the creative ideas and fresh content coming from The Zoo and into our website, social media, blog posts and promotions. They are very good to deal with and nothing is a problem for them when it comes to advertising. Basically a one-stop shop for anything print/digital in my opinion.

Judy - Challenge Group

When I joined Challenge Partners as Group Marketing Manager approximately 6 months ago I needed to find a team of suppliers that I wanted to work with across all the companies, that would help me create a ‘content bank’ for use across website, collateral, advertising and PR, exhibitions and in our offices.

I was looking for as local as possible (for convenience and the ability to be able to do ‘short notice’), reasonably priced, but mostly for a photographer that would respect and become passionate about our industrial/ manufacturing companies, our people and our products.

I struck gold finding Kathy from The Zoo, and have used and will be using her whenever possible.

Her photography is cool! Her pics are stunning and of the highest quality and Kathy brings 100% professionalism to every shoot; but what sets her apart in our environments is her talent for finding something special, even magical, about our processes, products and people – and producing photos that make people want to look at them and keep looking – photos that are different from traditional industrial or manufacturing. She especially has a talent for capturing fresh, uncontrived and wonderful photos of our people and a relaxed, friendly manner that ensures that the staff have a good time doing it. (even those that don’t want to be to start with). Kathy’s style works especially well for me because she has a ‘nothing’s too much trouble’ approach to a photography shoot and is prepared to be open and flexible if a better shots presents itself on the day.

In particular, her Precision Foundry photos have been grabbed by Engineering News to enhance their publication.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Kathy and she has done me proud in my new role.

Gary - Little Rock City

I am really pleased with what Ryan and his team at The Zoo did for my ecommerce site. From initial design to implementation they really took the project to a whole new level, creating a fantastic functional ecommerce website for my business. The team at The Zoo get personally involved with the project making you feel that they have as much invested in the project as you the client. I can fully recommend the Zoo to anyone looking for professional high quality design work and a professional attitude to match. Thanks again!

Heather - Jigsaw Jobs

We really have enjoyed working alongside you. Your involvement and input in the process has been great. We feel you always give us your best work and we are simply thrilled with the outcome – well done.

Morgan - Money Empire

A huge thank you to Kathy from The Zoo for coming out to our offices to take some team photos! The entire process was so easy and she made the whole team feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Best of all, the photos turned out amazing! Thank you Kathy!

Melony - HR Lady

Ryan at The Zoo helped me to develop a graphic design to go on my vehicle. He took the time to understand what I wanted and in the shortest time produces options which were easy to assimilate and very well priced. He interacted with the printer and ensured I would have a vehicle to drive while my car was being ‘overhauled’. The end result was outstanding. I did not know if the cost of this exercise would be worthwhile.  However, within a week of my car being done I had an enquiry from a potential client. He had seen my vehicle, went online and found me and made a connection. The graphics were so clear and brand specific, he could find me easily. That’s what you want from your graphics, simple but bold and more importantly, noticeable. That’s what Ryan gave me Since then, Ryan has also helped me have a look at my website with look and feel and tips that no-one else has been able to provide. He sat next to me and showed me exactly what to do with my social media connections. Invaluable. Ryan is the type of creative person every business person wants to work with. He never makes me feel like my ideas are stupid or conservative. He just works with you whatever level you’re at. Use The Zoo, you won’t regret it.

Cathy - Net Branding

I would like to recommend Kathy Thorpe from The Zoo who did a recent set of photographs for my business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kathy’s photography and service to anyone.

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