Team Zoo

Married for 11 years.

In business for 9 of those.

One gal

One fella

One cat

Creative Director

Ryan Thorpe

Ryan Thorpe from The Zoo

I live and breathe ideas, and am passionate about good, solid creative output.

From that passion I thrive on relationship with people – if we can’t clearly and openly communicate, the effectiveness of what i do is jeopardised in my opinion: Design is relational.

My background is in print, publications and signage which means I am a design and branding lover.

I am a co-founder of GooseBoards and am enjoying the fairly new challenge of long boarding.

Director - Photographer

Kathy Thorpe

Kathy Thorpe from The Zoo

Carefully thought out ideas means a well considered and more successful end result. I love working organically with my hands: paints, material, papers, etc.

I thrive on the challenge of bringing out personality, finding a new angle for a product shot, or beautifully capturing any environment.

Along side my photography I have been indulging my passion for art directing.

One fierce gal


One adventurous fella



One Cat