If you’re looking for a photographer who takes your brand into consideration, and strives only for the best… look no further.

plain jane, or busy lizzy

Product Photography

Shooting products can be simple or involved. Depending what you’re after we have the equipment to shoot simple, clean, well lit products, be it large or small.

If on the other hand you’d like to shoot something in context, we’re happy to help you sort out a plan of attack – location, permission, models, clothes, the lot.

Let us know what you’re looking to achieve, and we’ll come up with a great solution for you.

people, conferences, buildings

Commercial Photography

We make sure your company or product looks good no matter what.

If you need to shoot a building at the airport, organise an on-location fashion shoot, or shoot drone footage, we’re here to make it happen. We’ll plan around you to make the day stress free.

We fully insured, so you can rest assured we’re covered to be anywhere and do just about anything with and for you.

single, groups, commercial or creative


On any given day we love to look our best. Who doesn’t.

This needs to carry through to your portrait on your website, social media profile, brochure, the list goes on.

Whether it’s just you, or a group, we’re  happy to figure out how to best represent you and your brand. Inside, outside, makeup, hair, wardrobe, light, natural light, backdrops, etc. We can handle the jandal. Get in touch so we can have a conversation about what you need.

your own library of brand imagery

Stock Photography

For those moments when you need to put together a comprehensive catalogue, flyer, presentation, social media campaign, billboard – and you need quantity, quality and variety.

More and more we’re shooting large chunks of custom stock imagery for clients.  It’s cost effective, and helpful in the long term to have a bank of beautiful imagery you can use as often as you like, and where ever you like. There are no expensive usage and licensing fees – just a one off cost like we would charge with any other shoot.

We’d love to chat to you more about this way of shooting – there have been only praises from it.

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