Website Design

We produce modern, mobile friendly websites that will impress your visitors and sell your products.

simple and effective

One Page Website

Need a website that’s short and sweet? One pagers are great when you need to quickly and easily show off your business, brand or product. Users scroll up and down, or via the menu to navigate through what you have to say or offer.

Seeing is believing, so have a look at the site we did for Camson.

educational and specific

Multi Page Website

If you’ve got a little more to say about your company, your team, and the various products or services you offer, this is the kind of site for you.

These sites require more content, so it’s essential to re-look at your existing copy and imagery. We can take beautiful photos or design specific graphics to suit, and also organise a copy writer for you if need be.

Google loves these sites as they are (or should be) so much more specific and full of good, helpful information.

Seeing is believing, so have a look at the site we did for GoFlex.

online sales

E-commerce Website

Whether you have a lot to say or not, you’re looking to sell one or many products.

How you’d like to sell, how much you’ll be selling, and your short and long term goals, will define how we set your site up and which platform we’ll use.

There are various online and hosted solutions, and various payment gateways to chat through.

Again, you may need to re-look at your existing copy and imagery which we can sort out for you.

Seeing is believing, so here are two examples:

Online Hosted: BAEWATCH

Hosted: Paint&Decor

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