Urban Homes Documentary Photography



The Zoo provided Urban Homes with photography and video content for their collaboration with Sam and Harriet Cane. Urban is their choice of quality builder to build their house with. During their journey we closely followed them throughout the process of the build. Visiting a show home. Choosing materials and colours. The build process, and finally, moving in. As a result we provided photography that will be used for print and digital advertising and campaigns.
Meanwhile, Jonathan from Milk and Honey produced stunning campaign video ads. A very similar process and campaign effort to what we did for NZ Blood.

What goes into good documentary photography? I’ll go through three easy points.  Firstly, organisation is key. The more you can map out what is going to happen and when, the more people know what to expect. This goes for client, staff and creatives. Secondly, finding creatives who are personable is a big win. The people in front of the camera need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Photographers, like us, with a rounded portfolio will know the drill. Lastly, choose a mixture of times to document the various aspects. Early morning and afternoon is great for interior shots. Morning and later afternoon is better for outdoors. Clouds are your friend. Think about the evening to increase the mood of an exterior.  So to sum it up, be organised, choose your creatives wisely, and talk about the different times of the day and how you might plan your shots around that.

We choose to work alongside Jonathan when our clients need video work. Why? He is professional in his work ethic. He’s personable when working with clients. The video he produces is creative and at an international level. All great ingredients for great work, which ultimately means happy client and an engaged audience.