Amy and Paula (AMPA) approached us to do something artsy and creative, yet still with a sense of style and control for the look of their new startup Kiwiana art brand. It’s was pretty much the first idea that popped into our heads, and seemed to be the one to keep going back to as we progressed… the fluid look of a signed mark, a kind of “Banksy was here” / “Limited edition” / “high end” vibe. Everything else has really been a lovely fluid transition utilising the hand written approach.

Oh, and what a product! We love the new take on “Kiwiana” art – something new, not “seen a thousand times” in all the tourist shops. A product lovingly curated, and then locally framed and shipped direct to customer.

We’re currently working on their social media campaigns, and corporate package options for the sales funnels. Ka Pai!
Have a look at the website here.