Yalla Yalla Cafe Brand and social media

We’ve been working with Yalla Yalla Cafe (The People’s Cafe) since early March now, and Hamiltonians and food lovers are loving it! 

Dave, who runs Yalla, approached us to help out with this dream that’s been on his heart for a while now — A dream where the coffee is not good, but more blazing like a thirsty phoenix, food so different it’ll be like eating for the first time, and an atmosphere that mixes the comfort of nan’s living room and that eclectic op shop you cant help but wander round for hours. Enter Hamilton’s newest plant based eatery.

Dave had a logo, but needed direction from there – branding, startup, hype, social media strategy, etc. So we put our socks on and got to work – fast!
Website, imagery, social, flyers, posters, hashtags, signage, go go go!

It’s been, and still is, a great brand and collective of people to be working along side.
Make sure you come check it out next time you’re in the Tron.


Yalla Yalla Instagram