STILL – Custom website and API design

We’ve been working with Paul – who manages a range of forklift brands here in NZ – for a number of years. He approached us again to design a website for STILL-NZ.

It needed to be clean, strong, confident, and most importantly be able to be manually and/or automatically updated with new and updated products from it’s “mother ship” database in Germany.

We created a custom designed website and UI, and custom front and back end API dashboard (with the help from our favourite Websiterists) that makes it super easy to add a new product.

“What we did for STILL NZ was work with the STILL IT team in Germany to have an API setup for us to integrate into the NZ website.

The API integration allows the website owner to log into the backend of the site and click a button to pull all the images, product information, PDFs, videos etc. from the German website.

All the information which has been pulled is then saved onto the NZ site under the products section and can then be displayed on the website. Effectively automating the whole contenting process for STILL NZ.”