Pa Hill – Branding and e-commerce

Judy from Pa Hill has been producing amazing jams, chutneys and peanut butter since…well…ages ago! To make things even more tantalising, she’s uses her grandmother’s age-old, simple, natural, and incredibly tasty recipes.

Pa Hill has been operating at markets and with a home-made brand. Her product is amazing, but her brand was ready for a bit of a step-up to match what she is putting out there. She needed a brand re-fresh, and an e-commerce website.

After a site visit to the far east side of Auckland, we got a clear vision of what Judy was all about and that we needed to include some of her quirks.

She stays in a beautiful container home kitted out with homely and eclectic native woods and stain glass windows. This appreciation of stain glass windows and antiques influenced the logo direction we ended up going with. Something that represented her surroundings, an important local crane, and stain glass.

We then incorporated that brand design into stationery, signage, and social media components.

For the website, we partnered up with our websiterist mates Stocktim, in customising a Shopify theme with a custom designed UI, and integrated payment with WindCave. She has the ability to put items on sale, create recipes that include multiple order-able products and the click of a button, some beautiful UI, and of course the ability to reach anyone now – not just the local market.