Gutsy Kombucha – Brand Refresh

We were approached by the ladies at local batch brewry Gutsy Kombucha to give their brand some new life. They liked their logo, but there was no story, clear brand direction, and life that represented who they were and what they were doing.

After some brand exploration, we came up with a series of fun, playful elements that work with and without the logo and provide a platform to go big/small or detailed/simple when representing the brand.

From there we gave the bottle label some new life with a look for the 330ml and 965ml bottles.
There is also a design for some coasters/stickers which will accompany their commercial/retail clients in a bid to promote the brand more organically.

We’ve also built an e-commerce website to sell their various sized packs and flavour combinations.


One of the things we love is that the company was started from a personal health perspective – we love it when something personal can become an opportunity to do good in the world.