Clown Around Re-Brand

Branding is fun. Re-branding is even more fun. It’s a real challenge to decide to head in a new direction after heading in another for some time – same business, yet new look.
We really enjoyed working with David from Clown Around (previously Bingo&Friends) with his renewed vision and excitement for the future of his business. We took that enthusiam and threw it into research, concepts, lots of development and finally into some pretty funky brand assets-logo, business cards, email signatures, icons, character briefcases, patterns, etc. Now starts the fun of implementation into all the marketing efforts.
One thing David reminded us about was fun. Branding should be a “seriously fun” activity. The more you enjoy it, flesh it out and dig deep, the more you and your clients/customers will get out of it as a result. It’s a time to really make those core values come alive into tangible, visual assets that in turn inspire.